"W.T.F.?" CD freaks SMS replay alert?

:smiley: What the “*normal verb starting with an F
I’m online at CDf and now my cellphone reports new replies by text SMS? How come and who’s paying?


You are paying, because you are checking your e-mail by phone. :wink:

no I’m not!.. I even can’t read my mail on my phone…


Seems to be Hotmail Mobile Alerts… :doh:

Stupid feature that never worked, suddenly gets in action…


Do you remember having entered your phone number ever on the web?
Or is it April Fools’ day already?

Rest assured, CDF does not have this feature. And even if we have, we can only send you alerts if you provided us with your phone number…and I seriously doubt you did that :wink:

I know for sure that cd freaks chat wont go to the cellphone, but a similar strange thing happenned with me yesterday: My mom sent me an email (on my gmail adddress) that I got on my cellphone. No I have NOT configured my phone for gmail. The only relation between my gmail and my cellphone is that my registered email address for my cellphone is my gmail address. I am so confused how the email landed up as a SMS to my cell.

I opened the SMS and it says To: <My cell#> My mom is a newbie when it comes to sending emails so I am quite sure she didnt enter my cellphone. She usually “Replies to my email” so that she wont have to type the email address.

And its not April fools day, I am serious!

Well, so it’s Gmail’s fault.
<- is now happy that he didn’t configure Gmail with a phone number

I too didnt do that…which is why I am confused how it got to my cell :slight_smile: The registered address for the cellphone provider (T mobile) is my gmail address.

hmm… I’ve given it to Dee-ehn some years back. Don’t know if he keeps a database for this, like you do for user pictures :wink:

I get E mail alerts by my cell phone ,but I have to pay my ISP for them .I have
decided to unsubscribe for a few threads when my pacage that I paid ran out in a few days.