VY06 and ldw851s - posible?

First, sory for my bad english. My question is: Is posible to flash my 851s with sony dru-700A VY06 firmware? I have dvd-r disk and i want burn disks in max. quality. Thx

You’ll probably can do that with the latest OmniPatcher Version 1.3.14 (look at the sticky for further information). It now has a crossflash option so you can use 832S (VY06 should be very similar, since the hardware is the same) and enable this option.

There is a guide at http://codeguys.rpc1.org/oc.html … the procedure for 851S@700A is identical to 851S@832S.

Tnank you very much for answers. :bow:I will try tonight at home.