Vuze releases Leap, a lightweight BitTorrent client

We’ve just posted the following news: Vuze releases Leap, a lightweight BitTorrent client[newsimage][/newsimage]
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cough µTorrent cough

This…nuff said.

[QUOTE=DukeNukem;2732365]cough µTorrent cough[/QUOTE]

[QUOTE=ilnot1;2732399]This…nuff said.[/QUOTE]

Addon…cough Ut 2.0.4 light enough for my usage…don’t use Ut 3.x above to bloated and now has ads showing not a good way to increase users leaving.

Vuze is a memory leak pig, along with Internet Explorer using multi-tab configuration. Various apps (granted some are utilizing FLASH) leak memory and are CPU / Reource hogs. I constantly see 0 memory left and CPU scales doing acrobatics to keep up…

Maybe I’m jsut lazy in keeping 4gb and not upgrading, but gimmie a break-- There is no excuse for lazy programing. 4 ie tabs open and vuze running a few torrents shouldn’t bring a 4 year old system to it’s knees.


Yeah, the newer versions of utorrent do have ads but you can modify a couple of settings so they don’t show, although there were reports that the newest build removed that ability.
You seem to always whinge about problems that aren’t too difficult to adjust or workaround.