Vulnerability in wireless mice allows attacker to install rootkit within 10 seconds for less than $15



We’ve just posted the following news: Vulnerability in wireless mice allows attacker to install rootkit within 10 seconds for less than $15[newsimage][/newsimage]

Researchers have found a vulnerability in wireless mice and keyboards that makes it possible to install a rootkit on computers , in a range of 100 meters , within 10 seconds, with equipment that can be bought for less than $15.

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As long as that is 100 meters free sight and the attacker has to view my screen, I should be safe in my flat as it simply would not be possible.

It goes to show that any wireless device can potentially be hacked though and so it enters the realm of the IoT in the sense of NoT (Networking of Things). We have only seen the very beginning of this and I am absolutely sure it will get nasty before getting better. The cards been dealt, now place your bets :flower:


I suppose that my antivirus does a daily anti rootkit scan may help. if the scunners can see through a brick wall they are truly a worry.


I’ve never been a fan of wireless input devices. Since basically every radio frequency device in one’s home uses the same frequencies, it’s pretty much guaranteed that your wireless land line phones, your RC cars, and your WiFi devices, etc. will cause interference, which will screw with your mice and keyboards. Also, the wireless mice my work has made me use (they don’t like buying new mice, so pretty much every mouse they have is either wireless, or broken, often both) eat batteries for breakfast.

So, I can’t say I’ve had many positive experiences with wireless input devices. Yay cords!

As for security, I think this entire post is a moot point. To be close enough for a wireless mouse or keyboard to be compromised, one would need to be close enough to the machine to just sit down in front of the thing. In other words, they need to be so close, they could simply start typing or clicking like they normally would.