Vulnerability in µTorrent allows attackers to take control of your PC when you visit their website


Originally published at:µtorrent-allows-attackers-take-control-pc-visit-website-83772/

Google security researcher Tavis Ormandy has discovered a vulnerability in µTorrent that allows an attacker to take over the computer. The vulnerability exists in both µTorrent Classic, the Windows desktop version, as in uTorrent Web, the browser based version of the torrent download application.


This in itself makes me suspicious on the report. If this was true there lots of other torrent program based on this very same programming but why was it only utorrent? That story in itself sounds very convenient here doesn’t it.

Now this is revealing why is it just utorrent when bitorrent is based on some the programming? Looks like someone is selling a Bill of Goods.


Luckily I use the old Mac version :stuck_out_tongue:


Same here have no issues and using old v2 utorrent no junk or adware on it.