Vulnerability in mobile network allows hackers to empty bank accounts

Hackers have been able to steal money from bank accounts by intercepting text messages (SMS) used for two-factor authentication. The hacks happened in January this year according to the German newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung.

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Wonder how many times the “Tech Junkie morons” have to be smacked with a 2x4 before they learn to stop storing their life history on their phones? No sympathy, you deserve this. Turn off the Xbox, get off your lazy Cheetos laden butt and actually go to the bank. You’ll find friendly Tellers (real people) there that will be happy to both see you (in the flesh) and assist you in whatever you need.
Keep wondering about the Millenials. their Tech Addiction and their utter lack of common sense.
On that note, I can sell you a Fridge with cameras in it (so that you don’t have to move off the couch to see what’s inside), and washers and dryers that are wifi enabled so that you can turn them on from the comfort of your bed.