Vudu offers HD movie downloads

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Vudu is slated to become the first video-on-demand service to sell high-definition movies as opposed to simply renting them, the company announced today.
Vudu will initially offer 50 HD movies…

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Good God, that remote is hideous.

can we say RIP-OFF at up to $24. This service is crap with its pay-per-view renting system. Netflix is way better with a monthly subscription for all-you-can-watch service.

Yes, it is a rip-off. This company is not going to make it I believe. Only idiots would pay for this service. Why pay that much when you can buy a hard copy for just a little more?

Agreed this is a complete rip off, the only services that will ever survive are like the Netflix one mentioned, fixed fee per month, watch as much as you like. Anything else is doomed to failure, just like the format that competed with DVD in the early days, wasn’t it DiVX based - that was a rip off pay per view service from memory.

agreed, and as me and shaolin has said before, While the ISP’s continue to get away with it, don’t expect good quality streamed films in the near future due to bad bandwidth!:wink:

I own a VUDU and it is great. I don’t really mind that pay per view system. Renting movies on VUDU costs about the same as renting from Blockbuster or a store, but I don’t have to leave the house. And it is instant.

And with Netflix you only do pay per month… but the selection is limited and the quality isn’t that great. As Netflix starts to have more people streaming movies, there cost of a streaming subscription is going to go way up. There is no way they have the bandwidth for that many users to stream movies.