VTS compression

Hello all,

I am looking for a simple way to compress a VTS .vob so that it can be backed up to a dvd. So smaller than 4.7 GB. The original file is 6.69GB. Any suggestions??

DVD ReBuilder works. There is a freeware version.

A standard VOB file is 1gb, not bigger.

DVDRB would be my first choice as well,but you could also use DVDShrink…
Do you have VOB’s in VIDEO_TS folder along with BUP’s and IFO’s ?..

I do have them in the folder but I have tried a few different programs now. One of the closest to 4.7 i have gotten was 4.9 with GUI tar. I did not include the BUP’s and IFO’s. I also cut the title screens out too. So i was starting with opening credits and ending with credits. By the way I am also working on a Mac. So would DVDrb still be the program of choice??

Also, GUI tar had a bunch of different formats to choose from tgz, bar, z, etc. Is there a certain format that would compress it smaller or to 4.7gb

Yeah, tell us up front it’s a Mac… Try http://www.videohelp.com/tools/sections/macos-video-tools. And good luck.:doh:

Popcorn works well.