VSxx to ZS0J where?

where can i find them?? or zs0k

which one should i use?? is zs0j stable for 40125S??

thank you for your help…

u can send them to dj220@itookmyprozac.com

please notify me on this post if u have send it… so others know if it has been sent… save thier time :stuck_out_tongue:

Try http://www.cdrinfo.com/Sections/Articles/Specific.asp?ArticleHeadline=Overclocking&index=5


ZS0J and ZS0K are both stable. ZS0K is later and better. This firmware is for underclocking a LTR-48125W to a LTR-40125S

thank you for your post but they are both down at the moment, that’s why i asked if anyone could send me a copy…
i too dont have a floppy drive like the other d00d on the other post and now my oced 48125w is dead… maybe underclocking would revive it… :frowning:

is zs0k also mt rainier and p-cav??

sorry one more Q… if bios recognises the drive but not windows… can i still use the conversion in windows?? or i have to go throught mtkflash and the whole lot… if so, how do i boot to dos from winxp?? cant seem to find any info on that on google…

thank you for your help again…

Hmm. Both links work for me.

Check your mail. :wink:

If the drive is dead you won’t be able to flash it in Windows.

If you don’t have a floppy drive, you will have to use a bootable CD-ROM disc to boot to DOS. If you are using NTFS you can copy MTKFlash and the BIN file on the bootable CDR.

Since your burner is down, you may have to create this bootable CDR on another computer. If you don’t have another ATAPI device (CD-ROM, DVD-ROM) that works on your computer, you will have nothing to boot from anyway.

If your drive is dead and this was not due to a firmware installation failure, I doubt very much that underclocking the firmware will revive it.

See the MTKFlash Guide thread.

My new 40125S come with ZS0N.
How good is this revision?

The latest and the best one . Enjoy having it .