VSO's DivxtoDVD

:confused: I have just purchased VSO’s Software and have a dumb question that I should have thought of before I bought it :o How do I get the Divx or Avi or what ever files to my hard drive? I have a TV tuner card in my computer but when I hook up the cable box to it the picture is terrible. I am using Beyond TV. Is there another way to hook up the converter box or get the Divx files to my hard drive to edit and burn?

How are you hooking the box to the card? Are you using coax cable or rca cables? When you say the picture is terrible, do you mean the actual video capture or just the cable box playing through the card? When i first starting doing video capturing i found some really good guides here: http://www.videohelp.com/ As far as getting divx files, there are different ways of getting them. some convert their own dvds to divx. Most people probably download them from various places.

I have it hooked up from the converter box to my PC with a coax cable to the card. Video is great with S video and Y,Pb,Br, for HD to TV from the converter box. But VGA from computer to TV “same channel” has blotchie colors and too dark of a picture.