Hi all.

I am very new to all this cd burning stuff, and have already encountered my first problem, can anyone help.

I have downloaded a movie in the avi format from the Utorrent website.

I then use the VSO divxtodvd program to convert the file to burn to dvd,

I have my option set to burn to dvd automatically after converting but I keep receiving the following message “unknown write completion status”.

Can anyone advise what my problem is and how to rectify it.

Thanks in advance.

What is the output format of that program? In other words, is it creating the video_ts folder or an iso image that you can burn with another app? If it is, try burning with ImgBurn instead.

If not, try a different conversion tool. ConvertXtoDVD would be my first choice, otherwise, you could try DVD Flick or FAVC.

Regardless of which tool is used, have it create the output files or an image, and then burn using ImgBurn.