Vso/vista problem

Hi people I have a problem that one of you may have an answer for. I have a dual boot setup (XP PRO 32 / VISTA X32 ULTIMATE). I have installed ConvertXToDVD (any version) on both, in XP I can set my menu settings and they set as default no worries., but when I install in VISTA I get this.
Error creating registry key:
RegCreateKeyEx failed;code 5.
Access is denied.
what this means is every time I want to convert a movie I have to set it manually, I have taken ownership/ run as administrator but nothing works.
Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks

Can you explain a little clearer? Does it fail to write the value during the application install process or when you run the application?

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it fails when installing application (this default setting is for title and menu background) other than this the program works fine