VSO-Software presents second report about burners and media use

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  Back in  2005 VSO-Software started with its performance type database for drives  and media. Now, approximately 18 month later VSO has presented their second  report about burners and media...
Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/12278-VSO-Software-presents-second-report-about-burners-and-media-use.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/12278-VSO-Software-presents-second-report-about-burners-and-media-use.html)

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This sounds like a neat idea however when I try the freeware tool it works up until I click on the ‘Query database’ button and I am then told “This feature is reserved for registered customers of VSO Software”. :frowning: That’s fine but their website says I should be able to do this for free and there is no mention of needing to register. Anyone else try this out yet and get it to work?

Just downloaded it and it works fine for me, but I have got a registered copy of ConvertXtoDVD so maybe that’s why it lets me.

Hi petera, I believe you are correct as when I read through the VSO Inspector ‘Details’ it does state, “VSO-Inspector is a free add-on”. I just thought since it isn’t actually specified anywhere else or in more detail that perhaps it was just a typo or something. :slight_smile: Thanks for responding.

An interesting set of statistics, but they really don’t mean much in terms of quality burns. It would be far more useful to have had avg./max PIE/PIF/Jitter results under Nero CD-DVD Speed, for example. Some people might also look at the chart and say "wow! RitekG05 and Princo are #3 and #4 in popularity, with a high success ratio, so they must be good! Anyone having any experience with these mids avoids them like the plague. Sure they might burn “successfully,” but they degrade and end up true coasters in under a year. Statistics are great, but without a proper context and analysis, they don’t mean much. What would have been novel was for VSO to have used these statistics to spell out write strat modifications when using CopyToDVD, as for example MCC003 under CopyToDVD in a LiteOn 165p6s and BenQ 1640 aren’t allowed to burn over 8x, likely due to the varying quality of the MCC-made Prodisc and CMC variants, which are not accounted for (nor can they be by the drives), and therefore can wreak havoc on the write strategies (i.e., bad Prodisc quality can slow down the write speed for better CMC MCC). I could go on about the fallacies in this collection of statistics, but I don’t want to beat the dead horse more. :stuck_out_tongue: The only two meaningful sections deal with media formats used and the most popular drives used. The rest of this report’s usefulness can only be truly sorted out by users doing quality scanning.

sure, the stats are not perfect and I agree about scanning limitation, but at least it is large number of data to select a burner more than another or focus the attention on a special brand or general persons habits.

Hi Quema34, Thanks for your input. I agree with you about backing it up with Nero CD-DVD Speed, that would be awesome information. I was wondering if I missed something there as I always thought I read bad things about the Princo and reliability so I was surprised to see them so high as well. :stuck_out_tongue: