VSO Software latest versions

I check both of VSO’s ftps almost every day, and in doing so I have a pretty up-to-date list. It’s sorted first chronologically, then alphabetically, and if you guys want I’ll keep it current. Format for date is YY-MM-DD, and I try to make the version numbers as detailed as possible. This list contains no deprecated versions, (i.e. CopyToDVD 3 or BlindWrite 5) however I have included Patin-Couffin because it is the latest standalone version. Note that this list may not always match the ftp entirely, as files get deleted sometimes (but that should normally only apply to deprecated versions which won’t be in this list anyway)

06-08-07 - Patin-Couffin 36.exe
06-09-22 - CopyToDVD
06-11-10 - Support Tool
06-11-29 - Burning SDK 2.0.22.exe
06-12-04 - Inspector 1.2.7.exe
06-12-07 - Image Resizer 1.0.9.exe
06-12-14 - BlindWrite
06-12-15 - ConvertXtoDVD
06-12-15 - PhotoDVD 2.3.6.exe