VSO Releases ConvertXtoDVD v2.2.2 ßeta


The is not yet and official version, but if you would like to try it out (it is in beta phase) you can download it here

Version 2.2.2

Change log:

ConvertXtoDVD - 2.2.2

Complete rewrite of the AVI demuxer, for improvement such as:

  • accurate determination of audio start time, working with CBR/VBR audio (fixes most audio out of sync issues)
  • fault tolerance improved - very damaged AVI files (truncated, incomplete parts missing, wrong indexes) should be better handled now, and no longer produces out of sync audio.
  • lightning fast preview scroller, will give 99% of the time a perfect image
  • files with 'rec ’ chunks are handled
  • accurate duration determination (fixes bogus or truncated AVI that used to need a parsing to obtain their accurate duration)

some regression bugfixes also implemented

  • 0000914: [Crash] Click On Audio or Video Stream (Twice) will generates an Access Violation ! (wesson)
  • 0000819: [Information] Adobe Premiere 1.5 file producing audio sync issues (wesson)
  • 0000902: [Information] file to test: no image once converted (wesson)
  • 0000915: [Bug] regression with Photostory wmv file (wesson)
  • 0000916: [Bug] Video framerate problem after encoding (wesson)

Please post back to this thread if you have good or bad results.


That download link doesn’t work - it just redirects to the VSO default download web page.

Got it , thanks cougar_ii, and Gaius Baltar , that where the download is, on the download page.:iagree:


I think I know why !

v2.2.2 was released as a ßeta, so the filename was:


Since my post, VSO made it official public version, so the above filename dissapeared, and the official download link is:


which will send you —> [B]vsoConvertXtoDVD2_setup.exe[/B]

Thanks for the warning !