VSO Products to be banished

I just posted the article VSO Products to be banished….

The French government is about to pass a bill known as the DADVSI (Droits d’Auteur et Droits Voisins dans la Société de l’Information n°1206) prohibiting everything…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/11217-VSO-Products-to-be-banished___.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/11217-VSO-Products-to-be-banished___.html)

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And I thought laws like this were only passed in US. Guess not… I feel for you people, let’s hope the French government won’t be as stupid as to actually pass this law. I’m not even going to comment how lame (the scope), intrusive (invasion of privacy) and illegal (fair use rights) this law is. Inserts standard [censored] here.

so it is illegal to make a legal backup, but they are still going to charge the levy that is included in the media prices to offset for piracy. WTF kind of double standard is that. “sorry you are no longer allowed to make a legal copy of what you own, and just to make sure we are going to continue to charge you the levy for making copies just in case you decide to break the law.” If there is no legal backup allowed, then the levy MUST be removed, otherwise it is stealing from the consumer. At least that is how I feel.

The presidential elections are close (mai 2007), the ideas start to rain to win electorates. And as they cannot take the risk to loose us, I am ready to bet that nothing will be done in a near future! They will come up with 50% against and 50% agreing…:+

Ouch!!! Where is the EFF ?

When this happens in the USA; thats when I will stop buying any music or movie for the rest of my life. Just like booze. I don’t really need it.

Let em pass all these stupid laws! After few years, after more disturbing protections will be implemented, every user, even my technically uneducated grandma, will be so frustrated from (dys)functionality of newly released movies and tunes that recording companies will be in ruins. Then these laws will be found obsolete. Hopefully in the light of new conception of copyrights. …eee. Maybe we should instead send all these lawmakers to the Sun right now!

:S I think it will be a law, that won`t work in real life… just my two cents… Even so…Ouch!

Leave France go to the beautiful island Antigua with your management and software developement team. :+

This is hysterically funny. Do these idiots have a clue on what they’re passing? It will be subject to endless amendments and watering down just to try and remain proactical. And it won’t affect ANYTHING in the grand scheme of things.


I agree! It`s too radical!

So, don’t say anything about how bad the US is. The French got the worst politicians. :slight_smile:

Arrgh!, so the France , will now have a similar law to Finland’s draconian not allowed to discuss, remove or supply software that breaks DRM. Oh well, since that has come to pass, think of all those French Computers with the SONY BMG XCP security trojan ware software, it will thus, become illegal to remove from the computer, as it breaks the official SONY DRM, what a nightmare! Oh well, it is very sad to see brain dead politicians in the pay of corporations, has now become a universal worldwide disease, in that all peoples freedoms, are now subject to the whims of the corporate few! At this rate, they will undoubtedly seek a universal user listener tax payable to all media companies!:r

And people wonder why France gets bashed so much. That sucks. Not that it’s gonna stop piracy. If they think they can just slap a filter on and everything will be cool, they’ve got another thing coming. Stick it to 'em! Give 'em hell!

I voted 2 days ago on this site. Damn. Is the private copy so illegal… If my son and daughter are so young, that the just can’t handle discs like their PS2.

French bureaucracy is like the marshmallow monster in Ghostbusters, it just looms over you, thundering and blundering… I’m half-french… and it is no surprise, just an eye rolling moment. French Government have always been hands on in a negative way with the internet in France, which explains how backward the population is with IT matters and purchases, compared to other countries in Europe. It ties in with plain gross bureaucracy, overprotection of language and state. Absolute control! anything else is… anarchy. You’re dealing with very narrow minded individuals. Little has moved on from the 1950’s, in political spirit.

f**k them /edit Removed foul language
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why dont they first slap on the cuffs on their children then come and get ours!..come on why dont we all just tell our providers to fight this because i dont think they will make any more money if we cant have freedom on the net what do we need internet companies for then its their fight not ours if they want our business then they should fight…

Since they can`t control the streets… Child attitudes…:+