VSO PhotoDVD- Scanner Resolution

I have bought this product yesterday after a lot of research.

Thank you for all who recommended it.

I am starting a project from scratch with very old photos.

Some photos are very tiny and the scanner output is in BMP format.

The first picture was 2.5x3.5 inches and the file was 38 MB at 1200 dpi.
I rescanned at 600 dpi and it was almost 10 MB

Is there a limit on maximum file size? I do not want to have to rescan these pictures.

I saw that the program will handle BMP format.

Its a great program as all VSOs products are. I have owned PHOTO TO DVD for a while now and use it all the time. I made a slide show of my sons Little League Games from stills and I added some background from the a real baseball game, it came out great. I gave one to each of parents of the kids, they loved it. Good luck and enjoy your purchase.

Hi there,

I have never heard of a size limit for PhotoDVD, I think it grabs what it needs, , and generate the needed .VOB frames needed, so there should be no problems even if it’s a 12 megapixels image :bigsmile:

I am also from Canada, so hello Canada :bow:


I have asked the author of PhotoDVD and his answer was, try to keep away from images that are larger than 5000 x 5000.

Remember that photos will become 720x576 for Pal and 720 x 480 for NTSC.

You can always use VSO Image Resizer which is free, to resize all your images :clap:

And hello back from the big pond!

My brother wants a copy of these scans too. The sizes are just too big.

When transforming BMP to JPEG using XnView, does it just compress it or does it resample it smaller?

When I looked at properties under XnView, it still has the same resolution for width and height but takes a lot less space. (35MB vs 6MB)