VSO Photo DVD new ver. wont download?

Ive just gone to download my old vrsion of Photo DVD to the new one 2.0.14 and it keeps coming up with the same error. Ive restarted the pc and tried again but it wont download over the older ver. This is the message,
An error occ while trying to replace the existing file. delete file failed - codes 5 access is denied. And then the usual Retry, delete etc. Ive tried to retry and it wont work and also the other part where they sugest you shouldnt and that wont work either? ,Help please!:sad:

Uninstall your current version of PhotoDVD using Windows Add/Remove programs and reboot, then navigate to C:\Program Files\VSO and delete the PhotoDVD folder.
Then try installing the latest version of PhotoDVD.

If I remove it like that do I have to re enter the original (code/key) number for everything to work again. I just cant remember what I did originally when I bought it and I dont want to loose the prog after all this time???

If you uninstall/reinstall PhotoDVD you should not have to re-enter the license key, however if you have lost your license key you should contact VSO Support and have it resent to you.