VSO/pcouffin burning engine - can it be omitted at installation?

Can the VSO/pcouffin buring engine be omittied when installing DVDFab Platinum? I only use my licensed copy of DVDFab Platinum to back up DVDs to a directory, and then use ImgBurn to burn directly to disc, or make an image with better control of the layer break on DL discs.

Is the pcouffin driver only used for burning, or is it also needed for reading DVDs for analysis of their protection? If it is only needed for burning, I recommend/request and option to skip the installation of the VSO/pcouffin device. The reason I’d like to have this option is because I appear to have been having a Windows startup option ever since I intalled DVDFAb Platinum. I either get a reboot or a blue screen requiring me to shut down and restart. Usually Windows will then come up on the second boot.

I used to have the pcouffin engine installed once before with a shareware DVD burning application and I uninstalled that for similar reasons.


it’s only used for burning. you can uninstall it or disable it if you don’t plan to use it.
( one game that I used to own - SpellCraft - refused to run unless pcouffin was disabled)
Fab should still rip OK.

to disable pcouffin, go to vso devices in my computer - system - hardware tab

OK, thanks. I thought of that, but wasn’t sure that disabling it in device manager would prevent it from loading. Is it still being loaded by the operating system at boot up and then it get’s disabled? I suppose I could uninstall the driver, but it would then be installed again at the next DVDFab upgrade. It would be nice to have an option, even a command line option to prevent it’s installation altogether.

Thanks again,

just to be safe, use the imgburn tools to remove the filter driver