VSO needs feedback on software name



Dear VSO Software Users,

VSO has created a new tool to help users when they encounter a problem with the software, whether it be they never received the license key, or lost it, or they can’t find the log to send to the support team in order to give the support more information about an error that occured while burning or converting, and other misc. stuff.

This tool will eventually be available for download from the VSO Website.

We would like your feed back on two things.

What should the application be named?
(one idea is VSO Support Tool)

Thank you for your feedback

And Secondly, what should the name of the downloaded file be?
(we would like this to be short, example: vsosupport.exe)


Just call it “VSO” - Virtual Service Operation

I don’t have a clue, if this makes sense at all, but it sounds good when it is translated into german. :bigsmile:

Another option would be “VSO - CatchUp”… :eek:

Just kidding. :cool:


VSO Fool Tool


VSO Assistant (vsoassist.exe)

If the idea is to “assist” the user when problems arise, then it makes perfect sense…