VSO needs feed back on PhotoDVD


Here at VSO Software, in order to improve our software, we need some feed back from those of you who own or have tried a trial version of our software.

Or if have not yet tried PhotoDVD out yet, click here for a free trial and give us your feedback.

The most important question for our programmer at the momment is:

  1. What is the average amount of pictures you put onto a slideshow ?

  2. What is the largest amount of pictures you have ever made into a DVD slideshow?

  3. Is the interface easy to use and understand?

  4. Is the interface logical?

  5. Do you enjoy the effects of hot spot?

  6. What options are missing in PhotoDVD?

Otherwise please feel free to give any additional comments and or suggestions.

Thank you for your time,
The VSO Team

california girl,

I already send my feed back and translations to Fabrice.

Its the easest program i have ever used…
simply drop your photos or even whole folders in then drop your mp3 songs (in my case) for background music…
great program especally if you want to keep old family photos before they fade etc once you have scaned them into your computer …
Then you can burn them to dvd and play them in your standalone…


The average number of photo’s I have used is approx 50-75, where the max I have used was close to 400.

I have found the interface to be easy to use and understand. Though I would’nt mind if the image list was narrower to allow the preview window to be slightley larger.

What is missing…

  1. The ability to send a photo to absolute top or bottom
  2. The ability to send multile photos to the absolute top or bottom
  3. The “Make” form is hidden as the zoom button. This needs to be seperated.
  4. Info boxes on what the buttons do in the main form and the make form
  5. The ability to drop a folder (of photos) into the image list.
  6. After adding music the ability to select a range of photos say 20 of the 70 odd added and being able to say change image duation to fit to slected single music duration" As I might want 30 odd photos to this one piece of music and the remaing say 40 to another piece of music
  7. The ability to select that the selected songs crossover
  8. The ability/ option to automatically adjust sound. (CopytoDVD has this option).
  9. The ability to choose sound output. PCM or 2 channel Dolby for example.

Thats about all I can think of for now…

I am using ver 1.0.5 and I LOVE the program, having used it for the past 2 months. I have made probably about 40 slides shows with it thus far, most 90+ minutes long, and some 10 minutes or so. I am currently using it to make dvd slideshows of nearly 3000 slides taken by my father-in-law beginning in 1957. My aim is to package these slides in a way which will make it easier for my children and my wife’s siblings to view them.

I have put as many as 700-800 slides into a show, with enough mp3 files to fill the time. I would have put more if I could have since the resulting files burnt to dvd are in the 3 gb range, thus there being more room on the dvd. PhotoDVD however, gives me an error when I load more than this number of pics until I reduce the number to an amount it finds acceptable by whatever criteria it uses. I suspect there is a work around by adding the slide in two groups instead of adding them all at once using shift-click in the windows file selection menu, but I haven’t fully tried that yet. I also suspect that the program complains because it detects that the resulting slide show would play longer than 2 hours. Regardless, the error message I get states that the program can’t read a certain file. When I select a range of files which stops before that file, they all load without complaint. I have successully added a second group of pics on a second load which included the file identified as unreadable earlier. I didn’t go on and render the show etc so I don’t know if this method would have worked or not. This isn’t a big issue with me, but it would be nice to be able to fill an entire dvd.

Also, it would be nice to have the option to arrange the files in alphabetical order after they are selected. I usually name my files in the order I want them presented, usually chronologically. But this should be an option because sometimes you don’t want them this way.

The reported time lengths of the slide show and the music added on the music selection screen are not accurate. Matching the times always results in the music ending before the slide show does, and by a significant amount. This may have been fixed in recent updates, but I don’t know that it has since I noticed the problem early on and just add more than enough music to get through the slide show. Once again, this is not a big problem. The fading of the playing music on the last slide is a nice touch though!

I don’t burn the show to dvd from Photodvd, I just save it to the hard drive and then use CopytoDVD to burn it. I had trouble with the first slides shows burning to dvd successfully, but I had just bought my first dvd drive and was still learning how to use it so who knows what the problem really was.

The #1 feature I want added to your program is for the file information I entered in the pic files in photoshop, to be displayed with the picture during the slideshow. I guess these are usually called captions. Regardless, this obviously should be an option since you would not want this all the time. If this option were added, then Photodvd would meet all of my needs in a slideshow program.

Everyone who has seen the slideshows made with Photodvd loves them. I have to compliment you on developing an easy to learn and use program that provides a wonderful result. The default panning and movement is perfect in both speed and amount and I have never changed the defaults.

I noticed than many people on this forum have asked for more control over the various variables during the production process. At first I agreed with many of their comments. Now, after using the progam extensively, it is the simplicity of the program that I value most. As a sideline business I repair people’s computers and provide them with basic computer instruction. I have introduced 2 very computer illiterate customers to Photodvd and they have proudly made their own slideshows. I think this says all that needs to be said about the value of your program. The high quality of the slideshow is more than one usually gets from such a simple to use and learn program. Thank you and your team for your work on it!

Best to you all