VSO installation error message



hi , when i install VSO convertxtodvd,i get the follwowing error message:

unable to execute file:

ShellExecuteEx failed; code 1155.
No application is associated with specified file for this operation

it’s at the end of the installation that the error is generated.

can anyone help me ?

thnks in advance


Your system does not have internet access properly configured.
That file is just trying to show “thank you” page from VSO site.


that’s all .so i can use the software without any problems?
i will try to reinstall the software but this time with my internet connection on.
if this message persists , i will let you know.



even letting my dial up connection open and reinstalling the software gave me the same error.what can i do ?


There is something wrong with your system. Having open internet connection should result in CxD installation opening a web page. Something is preventing it. I suggest you do full system check on your computer, check for any viral activity.

But CxD should work just fine even with this error.