Vso Inspector - Query Database

An earlier version of VSO Inspector I had used allowed me to query the database to look at the success rate of a particular media against the type of drive I had installed. Now with the version that I just downloaded, that feature to query appears to be reserved for registered customers of VSO Software. When did they change this? Since I only use freeware like Shrink 3.2 and DVDDecrypter, I guess I am left out in the cold. Is there another option available?

Good day and thanks! :slight_smile:

This was introduced a few versions before to limit the traffic to our database.


Yes there is 1 option.

Purchase one of the awsome VSO Software :bow:

I bought the Gold Membership and use ALL of their software !

No more NERO, I’m a CopyToDVD v4.00 man now :iagree: