VSO Inspector...Guide...Burn....Help

Hi,i’m new and just download a free version of vso inspector.
From the other thread i getting to know about this software and what it can do.
But i can’t find any simple guide that take me to do this :

*How to use the best of your blank media to burning movie after getting the result from the VSO inspector (if the quality of the blank media is not so good)

maybe somebody asking before,but i can’t find it.pls post the link if hav it.

Thx in advance :smiley:

Hi there,

I don’t quite understand what you are asking, but here goes:

VSO Inspector should be used [B]after[/B] a media has been burned.

It will check to see if every sectors are readable, and see if every files can be read (Copied to memory) without errors.

Now when it comes to blank, there not really a test to see if a blank media is good.

What is important to know, is what is the [B]Media ID[/B] or your blank.

Then VSO Inspector can tell you that.

Then visit this site: http://www.digitalfaq.com/media/dvdmedia.htm

and see in what quality class is your media.

The Media ID tells us which company made the media,
Some use better dye than others, this is why there are media quality classes.

Is this what you were looking for ?