VSO Inspector Error Message



Hello to all from a newbie,

I found the VSO Inspector during my review of DVD related software and downloaded it to my computer. It looks really good.

Helas, I could not use it, an error message keeps popping up and prevents me to use the program. It says “cannot connect to hardware access layer”. I have launched the program several times and even re-installed it.

I have a Gateway with XPSP2 Professional. Two drivers, one DVD-ROM and the other a DVD-DL/CD writer combo.

Any idea of how this can be solved?

Thanks in advance



Hey and welcome to CDFs!

This error means that there is no ASPI layer installed. XP does use a kind of one (SPIT) but some programs cant use it. Try installing ForceASPI. If not install the trail verson of BlindWrite.



Thanks VirusHack. I am sure it will work but I must admit that I am also a little scared about playing with these kind of files. Could something go wrong with the forceaspi?




I have also installed the Blindwrite but got another problem with a “patin-couffin” driver (???)…

I believe I have to give up, schade, the VSO-Inspector program is enticing. Is there any alternative program that could be a substitute?

Thanks again



The patin-couffin driver is BlindWrite’s ASPI layer. How do you mean that there is problem with that? Please explain? Also what features are you looking for that VSO-Inspector has? Also just in cass you wondering what the heck an ASPI layer is: it is a small program that interfaces between the operating system and the optical drives allowing proper communication. An ASPI layer is needed for alot of older programs that use optical drives like CD rippers or some programs that cannot use XP’s SPTI.




sorry but I don’t jave a clue as to what a ASPI file is. Thanks for giving me heads-up on this. I searched my computer for ASPI files and found that several programs had created their own ASPI files. As concerns the BlindWrite program, when I launch it I have an error message that says: “patin-couffin not present or not up to date” and asks to click on OK. After that the program shuts down.

The features I like in VSO Inspector are: a) the ability to know the code of the DVD blank media; b) learn more about the dvd hardware installed on the computer; and c) verify whether the dvd will play without problems (this latter feature is the most crucial).



You never did indicate what version of Blindwrite you are using, so lets go this route download the standalone Patin Couffin from here http://vso.nerim.net/patin-couffin_setup.exe install it and see if it fixes the problem.

2000 and XP both use SPTI, that is native and whats used instead of ASPI, aspi should not be used unless a certain application calls for it or basic troubleshooting is needed. Do not install the ASPI layer unless absolutely necessary on 2000 or XP, the only reason an application would call for it is because the developer of that application that calls for it just won’t write their own driver (layer) and just uses whats there. Nero, Blindwrite, Clone, Roxio, Alcohol all of these, the developers take great care in writing drivers that are optomised for their application, see a trend?



thank you for your reply. I believe I will leave things as they are and give up un VSO Inspector. I really do not need Blindwrite (I installed it to get the driver) and will continue using nero.