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I have just run VSO divxtodvd (latest version 1.9.11) to convert a downloaded avi to dvd. The avi has good sound track thats reasonably average audio volume, however, when converted to DVD the audio volume is extremely low and requires quite huge volume increase on my TV to be able to hear the movie correctly. I cannot find anything within the divxtodvd software to enable modifying the volume during conversion, is this an inherent bug or is it normal for conversion ?

Is it possible to modify the volume of the Audio on the DVD without having to rerun the conversion or using a different transcoder like tmpgenc which takes 3 to4 times longer to do the conversion…

Any help in resolving this problem would be appreciated.




Just to let you know a future version of DivxToDVD 2 will have a sound pressure expander, allowing the volume of the sound to be higher. It is on the “to do” list.


Hi there,

Will there be options like this ?

[ ] 10% Volume Increase
[ ] Double The Sound Level
[ ] Wow, this is loud !
[X] Extreme Volume, make the neighbours call the Police !

This will be a great feature !!!


Hi there Cougar_ii,

I don’t know but I will pass the word on, maybe it could be made this way—would be kind of funny




This a response I got from a programmer at VSO when having copied and sent this to him:
“[ ] 10% Volume Increase
[ ] Double The Sound Level
[ ] Wow, this is loud !
[X] Extreme Volume, make the neighbours call the Police !”:

yes, possible to do something like this… at this moment, the sound
“normalizer” (which is in fact much than a simple sound normalization)
in copytodvd has a slide telling in dB (decibel) the average sound
pressure - light volume increase would be in -16 -12 dB range, to very
loud at -3 dB.

Simpler settings as described ought to be better !

so I guess we get to wait and see what will come out
Here is a good link to check out: http://www.vso-software.fr/divxtodvd/divxtodvd_todo_list.htm

It is the ‘to do list’ for DivxToDVD (programming wise)


Hope they include more icons for the desktop shortcut. The one they have now looks like a cookie.


Hi there,

A cookie ? HAHAHA that’s the 1st time I heard that one.

It’s a movie roll, and I think the colors are awsome, they are bright.

Personnaly I really like it, but to each his own :slight_smile:

Milk with that cookie ?

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