I have searched relentlessely, and almost bought NeroVission Express 3 to convert an Mpeg2 file into a Vob file from some home movies I imported off a DV tape, until I finally bumped into this utility, and its free!!!

VSO, keep up the amazing work, especially on things like this, that you make available to the public.


According to the revision history, this is the last free version, so grab it while you can.

So far my encodes have no loss, hands down guys!!!

yep started using this a few days ago brilliant, fast/easy to use :slight_smile:

used this for a bit of time now, its really ace, shame its not going to be free anymore but i will consider buying it when the change is made.

I have used this product and it does a good job. very easy to use.

if it’s $19.99 I will buy it, I prefer not to spend more than 20bux on software unless its really imperative

Sweet. I’ve been trying to use the Ulead software that came with my Pioneer drive and having hell trying to do this. I’m encoding something now. I’ll check back when done.