VSO Divx2dvd Question. HELP ME PLEASE!:(

Hiya guys

I was just wondering if its possible, if there was a way to make a menu screen for the dvds im burning. The vso program works no problem but when i put the dvd in the dvd starts straight away and i was wondering if there was a program which lets you create menu screens (play movie, special features, scene selection etc etc etc) if you know what i mean. My friend used to be able to do it but i think he was using a whole different program to make the dvds and tbh vso is the easiest program to use and it doesnt take much mind work wereas the program my friend was using was a right mission to get a dvd done. Anyways i hope someone can help with my problem.

Thanks guys

Civicpower121 - Chris lol

VSO makes menu screens for you, but if you forget to uncheck that autoplay box it will not automatically go to that menu, but directly start playing the first chapter.

Although it will not make a chapter menu, it creates chapters every 5 minutes (adjustable).


I dont see that option when using vso. If it helps im using Ver

How about upgrading then?