Vso divx to dvd wont burn & nero out of synch

OK please help me!!! I am running the following machine:

Nvidia AN8 Ultra motherboard, AMD 3700 processor,
1 gig ram, 250 gig SATA harddrive, nvidia 6600 graphics
card, 7.1 channel sound card (free with motherboard)
Pioneer DVD- 110 16x DvD rewriter with LATEST firmware

Windows XP professional SP2 fully patched & upgraded

Firewall: Sygate
Antivirus: AVG

Choice of media - Verbatim 16x 4.7 gig DVDs

Ok i have a really bizarre problem, if I try burning a DVD with DVD Clone III or VSO Div X to DVD then it will say succesful burn, but when I try & play on DVD player it says can’t read video file, but get this: When i put it back in computer to check it, it says it’s a blank CD & there is nothing on it, yet I can’t reburn on it, so it gets chucked.

I can succesfully burn with Nero & DVD Shrink, because DVD Shrink uses Nero.
I can’t just use Nero though because it is unreliable.

I downloaded a rare film as a DIV X avi, converted it with VSO to DVD, saved it to harddrive & burned it with Nero, I have done this before with a PAL movie & it worked, this film was NTSC not sure if that will make a difference. I didn’t convert to PAL just burned as NTSC with nero & after 10 minutes it goes out of Synch really bad. Tried to burn it again with NOTHING except my firewall running in the background & it still went out of synch in pretty much the same place.

Suggestions I’ve had so far:

It could be a dodgy avi that was not ripped properly, hope not as it’s a really obscure old film & there is nowhere else to get it. Also when I play the AVi & VOB files on my comp they play prefectly right to the end.

As I mentioned before I have nothing running in background that could interfere with the burning.

Some one suggested using virtualdub to re-convert the audio, but is this really necessary seems a bit long winded

Someone else suggested putting in chapters very 3 mins because if it goes out of synch then it should correct itself, but nero wouldn’t let me do this, again seems pointless when the thing should just work ok in the first place.

some1 suggested it was the digital codecs in Nero & they need to be disabled or I should use the old ones from nero 6. (don’t wanna risk it)

I am at a complete loss there is so much conflicting info out there & no working solution to my problem that I can find on net. I have wasted countless blank DVDs & so much time, if any1 else out there knows why this is happening to me please tell me!

Thanking you in anticipation of a reply

I’m gonna decorate my house walls with all the DVDs that never survived

Laters :bigsmile:

ok ppl!

I converted the film with VSO to DVD, then instead of importing the vob files in nero express I opened them up in DVD shrink first, then encoded, then burned with nero & it worked PERFECTLY so that solved my out of sync problem. It’s obvious nero 7 is just buggy as hell!

I still don’t know though why I can’t burn with DVD Clone III or burn with VSO to DVD I guess it will just remain 1 of life’s mysteries! Any1 figures this out let me know!

Take it easy!