Vso divx to dvd (( (half screen size!)?



hi there!
can anyone help me as i have got the new divx to dvd(version1.99.12.27) converter(old one was great,only sound to low) they have fixed the sound issue with the first version BUT now all the movie i have so far converted have left me with a screen size half the size of the original!!! even on full screen on my pc its terrible with huge borders 40% around the entire movie!!!
on the original vso version the screen size was correct!!!
i have tried everything but for some reason i get a dvd conversion small file size and wrong screen size!!!
please any ideas??? :sad:


Hi there,

When converting, are you selecting “Automatic” for the TV Size or are you forcing it to 4:3 or 16:9 ?

When you see black area on each side, it’s usually a 4:3 forced to 16:9

When you load a file in v1.99.1x, look in the Information Window, it will tell you what the software would choose for the Automatic Size…