VSO Convertxtodvd Problem

I have been using Convertxtodvd 3 ver to convert movies. Using Windows XP Pro 64bit. When I converted the shows or movie, I placed them in my standalone dvd player and it played just fine, except the menus I created were not there, just the movie. Even when I hit on my remote menu, the movie just started over no menu. Then When I tried to shut down my windows xp pro, nothing happened, i could not shut down windows? So I put Windows Xp Media Edition 32bit on and the same thing is happening. Should I go back and use an earlier version?? I am getting sick and tired of reloading my operating system, every time i use convertxto dvd. Can someone suggest something THANKS

I figured out why I have no menu, in DVD Menu, I had don’t create title menu for a single title checked off. But that still dosen’t explain why after I convert and burn a movie that my computer will not shut down

Did you select the option in CXD to shut down the PC when finished? If not, the inability to shut down the PC manually has nothing to do with CXD. Even still, CXD only passes the argument to Windows to do a normal shut down if you select such option.

I had a Virus on my PC I reloaded my OS again and Now I have no problems thanks