VSO changes name of DivXToDVD to ConvertXtoDvd

I just posted the article VSO changes name of DivXToDVD to ConvertXtoDvd.

omen71 used our news submit to tell us that VSO software has changed the name of its popular DivxToDVD to ConvertXtoDVD. A new version of the software has been released bringing the…

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I’ve tried it and while it does work and I can play the burned DVD’s ok on my computer with powerDVD6, when I try and play the DVD in my 3 different standalone players the discs play but I get skipping and texture problems. When I useNeroVision Express to convert an Avi I have no problems playing it back in any of my standalone players. Yes I have tried good media and this is a know problem with this software. It’s really too bad as the interface is very easy to use and the software isn’t very big either, but it definately isn’t ready for primtime.:c

if you have a panasonic or philipps home dvd player, we found an issue with the playback compatibility which will be solved in the next version. contact the support and you will have this new version.

I have also experienced playback problems with my Pioneer 868 player. The picture freezes and skips every few seconds. Hopefully the update wil address this also…

Harman Kardon DVD 22 texture problems (square on move) not on my ps2 and PC player .:r

There is a new version which you could try The latest available version is v2.0.2.102 http://download.vso-software.fr/vsoConvertXtoDVD2_setup_202.exe Peace :slight_smile:

Most excellent piece of software, never had any problems whatsoever with skipping, artefacts, bad quality etc etc. Everything i make plays just flawlessly in my Pioneer. Glad i registered this software, suits my needs perfectly :B

Please avoid using cheap and crappy dvd media! Who uses that crap and complains about playability or the software should get an spank. lol

the version which corrects the artefact on some dvd players is the 2.0.4 you can find a link in the forum.