VSO audio out of sync

I have an mp4 movie which I like to convert to DVD. I have used VSO, but I’ve noticed that the audio is out of sync. It is a fraction of a second to late. Is there a possibility in VSO to correct this?. There is no syncproblem in the original MP4 movie.

Use latest version.

I’m using version Isn’t this the latest? :confused:

I been testing the latest version of convertxdvd v2.0.12.126 with huffyuv video captures and they have audio sync problems.
My captures don’t have audio sync problems and Xvid and SVCD I made with them also don’t… only convertxdvd is having sync issues.
Looks like I’m gonna have to try dvdsanta.

Maybe they can get it fixed in the next version, the last version before also had audio sync problems but was even worse. At least this new version almost solved it.


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See if this helps:

Many AVI`s have delay times set on the audio stream so that
audio/video playback stays in sync…

Unfortunately ConvertXtoDVD ALWAYS reports

Stream #1 sync. delay :0.00 ms
Stream #0 sync. delay :0.00 ms

Consiquently, ConvertXtoDVD ignores audio delay and your dvd
conversion becomes badly out of sync…


Download AVI-Mux GUI --> http://www.alexander-noe.com/video/amg/

  1. Load an avi into Avi_mux that you intend on converting to DVD
  2. Select “Generate Data Source From Files” button.
  3. Click on the AVI info at bottom of Avi-Mux window

IF YOU SEE “delay [ms]” showing anything other than "0"
Process the avi by clicking the START button on AVI-MUX.

Takes only a few seconds and creates a corrected version of the
offending avi file that IS IN-SYNC were both streams actually DO have

Stream #1 sync. delay :0.00 ms
Stream #0 sync. delay :0.00 ms

Sync problems thus removed when converting to DVD viaConvertXtoDVD.

I am now a very happy bunny and have now totally uninstalled
WinAvi… I am now 100% ConvertXtoDVD user…

I’ve been doing some research myself. Apparently, the first time I’ve been using a mp4 type movie. When loading into VSO, it warned me allready about audio glitches. I followed the tip of cougar but the program even didn’t recognize the filetype.
The last test I did this week was joining two (real)avi files including srt subs with VSO and it converted it to a DVD without any problems! I’ve tested different programs for converting avi to DVD and VSO did the best job in a reasonable time. Also used The Filmmachine witch also did a good job, but it did take hours to complete, so I could only do this at night when my PC wasn’t doing anything else.
Anyway, thanks to all of you for the info and tips. :clap: :clap:


No that does’nt help, there’s nothing wrong with the capture to cause any audio sync. Huffyuv is a loseless codec and I use PCM audio and there’s no dropped frames.
CovertXtoDVD does that audio discontinuity 24.00 ms added and makes the video lose audio sync.

I been reading on forums and it seems this problem started with the v2.08 and newer releases, I’m gonna try an older version and see how it does.

I stopped the convert, but this shows the error that happens.

If needed I can provide the log.

Just wanted to add, v2.0.11 had the audio even worse out of sync, with v2.0.12c it’s still out of sync but it’s off by only 100-200ms stops.

Besides trying an older version, is there anything I can do for my captures to help them work with ConvertXtoDVD? I really want to get this working. My father-in-law is counting on me to make him some movies.

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You know that with v2.0.12.126 and a few versions back, on the Audio Stream, you can press <F2> and add some 200ms to the offset.

Still off, go to 400, the 600 until you get it right :slight_smile:

I think you can also go -negative values, so it’s a shoot and miss !

I just tested a version of ConvertXtoDVD thats older than v2.0.8 and there’s no audio sync problem. :wink:
I could not find v2.0.7 like he recommended… but I did find 2.0.5 and 2.0.4 and they both worked and do not have audio sync problems.

So at least my problem is solved by using a version older than v2.0.8 and I’m happy!

PS: goodluck getting this problem fixed with the newer versions

thanks for the information and I glad you found a fix, but if for more progress concerning eventual audio sync issus with version please contact me claire @ vso-software.fr so your files can be examined with a closer eye

The only time an avi file should have audio sync imho is if it has vbr mp3 audio. This is unless they used Nandub. When convert an avi file with vbr mp3 you should take the audio and save it as a wave file and then encode it to a cbr or abr mp3 then put it back with the video and convert it to whatever you like.
And thanks for the email, I sure hope this gets fixed in the next releases.
I will test it and post back here with the results when the next version comes out.


I too am experiencing out of sync issues with
I played the avi file first and there are no sync problems.
After conversion to dvd it’s in sync up till about half way then it gets worse and not only by 100ms but by 2 seconds.

Try a version thats 2.0.7 or older.
I’m sure this will get fixed soon, as there is no need for a perfect Huffyuv videocapture to be out of sync when converted to DVD with ConvertXtoDVD.

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Here’s an other older thread regarding Out Of Sync since v2.0.9

[B]Read the 2nd message posted by Lapinou ![/B]

Hope it will help understand what is going on !

in order to get or try to find solutions for audio sync issues I really do need to be contacted so that vso can get more info. We need cases were audio sync issues exist if you want a fix.


claire @ vso-software.fr

I have a problem with audio sync too. I have found out that on my dvd player the sync problem happens after some chapters. when a chapter is changing the sound is desynced. then, I press PAUSE and play again, and it comes back to normal. this happens only on my dvd player and not on my computer.

try playing the dvd on another DVD player (my one of your neighbors)

eventually try burning onto a different brand of media.

What versio are you using of ConvertXtoDVD,