VS08 = No RPC1?

Since flashing my 812 to VS08 my drive has been set back to RPC2, and I can’t get it back to RPC1 (using ltnflash124.exe). Is this the same for everyone or is it just me?

edit: hmmm as soon as I post I find the option to change to RPC1 in kprope, and guess what? It works. Sorry! :smiley:

This is likely due to an ASPI problem. Any time that Liteon tools cannot recognize devices in your system while other tools can there is usually a problem with the ASPI installation. In this case I’ve found that copying Nero’s wnaspi32.dll file from the Nero directory into the computer’s system directory usually helps.

Is there any reason to have ASPI at all anymore?


I don’t have ASPI installed. It just seemed a bit odd as it’s never changed itself back to RPC2 before and the tool I changed it with last time had stopped working. But it’s sorted now :slight_smile:

i have (and i don’t know how, maybe roxio easy cd creator v6.0) ASPI 4.60 installed (4 dll’s).

do i need to update them or leave them alone?

If you are not having any problems. dont update