VS08 - better or worst?

Have anyone upgraded their firmware to VS08 ? Is it good or bad ?

Can an overclocked LTR 40125S drive use the VS08 firmware ?

Can an overclocked LTR 40125S drive use the VS08 firmware ?
That has been answered in the FAQ :slight_smile:

Can an overclocked LTR 40125S drive use the VS08 firmware ?

It definitely can if your drive is 48125W.
As you know it, the Windows flash utility ( VS08 in this case ) supports LTR-48125W with FWs VS01-VS2Z.

But I only wonder now which of those 2 ( 1S01 or VS08 . Hope the .bins are soon available here ) is
actually a better choice ? Please post your experience here !

I won’t try it…media is too expensive here for such tests with every new firmware :frowning:


VS08 firmware BIN are on my webpage now! :slight_smile: :rolleyes:




Great ! I’m on my way there…:bigsmile:
Just a second…yes, now I’ve got it !

Tack ska du ha ! :smiley:


While in Russia I bought rather cheap ( 25-30 cents a piece ) 80 min’ media : 32x EMTEC ( moser baer ),
32x Gigastorage, 40x SKC ( capacity of 83 min 26-30 sec !),
so I’m gonna try the 2 new FWs on them over the coming weekend.
I guess they’re ( the FWs and CDRs ) worth trying it :wink:

Inga problem grabben :slight_smile: hehe


VS08 is plain great! I have an upgraded 40125s, with VS06. Previously it only burned x32 media (no name media, made by multi media masters) at x24, and I got errors towards the end. With VS08 I get x48 (smart burn ON) with much less errors (1200 using cd quality test). Average speed was x38, under asus x50 cdrom there were only 17 errors. I am sure when a x48 certified media would come along in no name brands we all would get much better results.

are u serz?

Average speed was x38

And where does it start and end then ? Like 23x - 49x ?

My NeroCDSpeed shows crap capacities such as 05:00:00, 63:10:00 or 258:00:00 with firmware VS08 :a for blank media. Nero and cdrecord show the correct capacity :confused:


Do you have bad luck all time? :slight_smile:


Well, at least, I’ve just burned a TDK Reflex Ultra Metallic 24x, made by Taiyo Yuden (which Firmware XSU1 can only write at 24x), at 40x, and not even my Toshiba reports any C2 errors.

Since I have about 90 of these discs left (and only these; used my last Ricoh this morning), i’ll keep that firmware…

yes started at x22 ended x49
x25 5min
x32 20min
x40 40 min
total 2.48 for 80 min disk

I as usual do my capacity tests with Feurio :

Feurio!CD Writer -> Extras -> Test capacity of CD-R

if they hav flashed there 40x to 48x already why cant u just use the officall firmware update ? also can the 40x be flashed with the 48125s ??

I got lower quality burns with 1S01 firmware (compared to WS09 / VS08).
You can of course use the official upgrade program if your drive is already converted.


Well, the results are almost like mine with 48125W ( VS06 )

Nero CD Speed Test results

Drive LITE-ON LTR-48125W
Firmware Version VS06
Disc Blank
Capacity 79:59.74

Transfer Rate

Start 21.83x
End 49.13x
Average 37.23x
Type P-CAV
Elapsed time : 2:34

CMC 32x
Transfer Rate

Start 21.77x
End 49.02x
Average 37.13x
Type P-CAV
Elapsed time : 2:36

We’ll see what happens when using the more proper media and when the VS08 flash’s done.

this new fw is great! im burning cdrs that would only go 32X with vs06 now are 100% good @ 48X and i burned svcds that are 800+mb with the new fw @48X and they finished burning on time with the new fw and did not hang like the old fw was

again great new fw!!

Haven’t done that much testing, but I can say this:
Speeds are the same 22-48X and 18-40X
Ritek 40X media (TDK) seems to have about 5-10 more C1 errors in the first 10-15 min of the recording (still below 25 total), but after that it seems to average about 2-3 C1 errors, which is lower than before with VS06 (it averaged about 6-8).

I wonder if this firmware can actually write CMC media at 48X w/o errors at the end. (I just sold all of my CMC media)
If someone has CMC media, please test it with a 79+ min burn and WSES reading at 40X