Vs06 trash?

I upgraded to vs06 from vs02 and now my burns pause for a second at about 85% and i get about 30% damaged with nero cd speed. Anybody else have this problem? Same media vs02 and vs06 both at 48x burn speed and seem to make a big diffrence in quality.

Yes I have the same problem.

With VS02 I get Much better write quality than with VS06.

Actually I get much better results with VS02 than I get with a 40125S with ZS0J and ZS0K firmware…

Same but returned mine. Got tired of playing with it.

VS02 gives better write quality and higher write speed. VSO6 limits write speed for some media to 40x. The same media can be written to @48x with no errors with VS02.

hm, I’ll try vs02 this evening, vs06 gives me always an unreadable error at the end of every burned CD

Then write DAO instead of TAO

I stuck with vs02 since I didn’t hear anything to good about vs04 or vs06, maybe vs08 will be the bomb.

using DAO solved that “end of disk” error, but I need to burn also multisession CD’s.

Trying vs02 now…

vs02 has been rock solid for me in my OC’d 40125S to 48125W.

From what I hear there is no point of changing the vs02 unless the change is significantly for the better, which seems very unlikely with the result of vs04 and vs06.

back to 02 i go

I have now tested vs02 and vs06, both give me “end of disc” errors when burning using TAO. Also I didn’t notice any difference between those two firmwares. Quality and speed are as far as I can notice the same.

Staying with vs06 now…

If I only knew if real 48125W owners also get this “end of disc” errors with TAO. Maybe it’s normal for that 48x drive, because the burned CD’s ARE completely readable on any CD/DVD drive…

I have now tested vs02 and vs06, both give me “end of disc” errors when burning using TAO

Of course they do. Every writer produces 2 unreadable sectors at the end the every track in TAO mode.

Seems like Vs06 works better for me than Vs02. I can use even medicore media like CMC and get a good burn with it.:confused:

i got a 48x liteon with Vso6(its the latest firmware right?) and i been achieving good 40x burns on some super cheap ,no label, gold/silverish, generic, lowest of the low(the type that will confuse you because both sides are lalmost the same color) 32x CDRS a friend game me. i ran some Scandisks with nero cd speed and only got 0.22% yellow( was only 2 little blocks on the cd speed). When i burned at 32x- i only got 1 yellow block) Im pretty imressed that such crappy media actually burned really good at 40x.:bigsmile:

Did you try with Smartburn on or off?

Yeah, Smartburn was on, but the media is sooo cheap that smartburn cant pick any settings for it, so i have to choose a speed. And acording to my friend, the cds are 32x