VS05 ripping issue?


I ripped using file mode and I noticed something else too, as I said the dvd decryptor closed on its own no errors or anything just closed it self. I have no idea why it did this as i checked the option menu and there is nothing checked to let it do this.

I’ll give file mode a try and see if I can reproduce the problem… What version were you using?

if your using that drive to rip you may want to go back to 812 USON that will take care of your errors and imho has just as good strategies.

was the movie encrypted? it only happens with certain encrypted movies not all will get this error most likely. and if you just hit ignore with decryptor it will continue to rip just a annoying nuscence thats all. im not ripping them to iso im ripping them to files using filemode as i use shrink to master.

hehe thx for the suggestion. But why do we (most of us I presume) have 2 dvd (recordable/rom) drives?! :cool: Well, I already did a backup with my pioneer 106s and I forgot to mention I didnt have this problem with VS04.

Yes, it was a retail disc. So it was both CSS-encrypted and also region-protected (I can’t get my hands on non-R1 discs, so I’ve never bothered to make my drive region-free).

Well, as Jamos stated earlier - there is generally a rhyme and valid reason for not releasing a firmware. Say hello to malformed EEPROM boys and girls…

Sigh. -_-.

I fail to see the relevance. :rolleyes:

you have a 812@832 or a 832? also my drive is external so im not sure if that has any thing to do with it but i would doubt it.

I do not have an original 832S. Though it should not have any effect either way.

Can somebody experiencing this problem, please try VS03 and see if it does the same…

Yeah, and it’s usually due to a lazy Customer Service department. This is not the first time that drives have been shipped with newer firmware than what’s available on Liteonit.com and this won’t be the last time either.

I just tried it out again. File mode. VS05. Latest DVD Decrypter. Both DVD5 and DVD9. And still can’t reproduce the problem–DD completes and plays that annoying completion sound–doesn’t exit on me… what version DVD Decrypter are people using?

You guys really can’t be too quick to blame the VS05 firmware itself. There is a thread on the DVD Decrypter forums about a similar issue (though the thread deals with writing and not reading) and VS05 isn’t even mentioned there. One user claims problems with a Pioneer drive, most other users have various Liteon drives. One user also mentions that DVDDecrypter was not the only program giving him problems.

It is quite possible that VS05 has problems though, does anyone remember FS0G and HS0J? :slight_smile:

Had the problem with Dvdshrink not DD. Im not having any problems ripping an unprotected dvd using dvdshrink, though.


Im using latest dvd decryptor release

latest shrink and DD. it has to be some conflict with vs05, as when we go back to vs04 it goes away.

im ripping ccs and rc1 dvd’s

again i have all the options turned on in omnipatcher, could it be some type of error induced by the settings in omnipatcher?

I’ve had the same problem with my 812&832 not reading dual layer dvds.
I first had the issue with Powerdvd not being able to read the second layer. I tried a few different players and the same thing happened. I tried SmartRipper and Decrypter with the same problem. The only way I can get it to read dual layer with VSO5 is to have AnyDvd running.
Going back to VSO4 solved my problem.

I have also gone back to VS04 but I also loaded saved eeprom image from when the drive was new as well. so far so good.

I had this same problem yesterday with both DVD Shrink and DVD Decrypter using VS05 on 812S@832S.

Didn’t have any problems with either VS04 or USON.

Not a real problem as I can rip with my Pioneer A05.