VS05 New Dual Layer code



Has anyone noticed, if you load up VS05 in omnipatcher you find and entry for a RICOHJPN dual layer media code? I saved the output of the media codes:

+R9 Media Codes (2)
MKM     /001/00  [ 2.4x             ]
[B]RICOHJPN/D00/01  [ 2.4x             ][/B]

I haven’t seen any of these floating around or any reports of them? Anyone have the story on these?


Those are surely the double layer discs that Ricoh or Ritek is working on… They’re not available to consumers at all yet.


Well they must be available to liteon if there is the media code in there. Maybe liteon will start packaging a dual layer disc with their drives, that would be great!


DL ricohs are out in japan i beleive


It was there in VS01… :wink: And there’s a R00/01 code, too, that Ricoh abandoned in favor of D00 to avoid confusion with its SL media codes. There are still traces of this abandoned R00 code in the firmware…


So far, Lite-On bundles only MKM DL DVD+R media with their drives. All DL media I’ve got from Taiwan via Lite-On/Worldwise are MKM but that could change any moment Ritek or even CMC has better offer for Lite-On.


Some are indeed using Ricoh DL in their lab testing, would love to see them in retail too though.