VS04 on 451s?

I’ve tried using the VS08 and VS0A firmwares on my 451s. The VS08 firmware writes pretty well, but I’m noticing results that aren’t quite as good from the VS0A. According to some other posts, some people are getting better results from the VS04 firmware than either VS08 or VS0A.

Do you think it would be possible to release a VS04 firmware that works on the 451s? : D



But personally, VS04 didn’t really work for me. VS08 and VS0A have worked better.

You might also want to try US0N (formerly GSC2) (the version for the 51S drives is listed under 851S and not 812S).


I’ll try to post results with each of them for my 451S drive. I have 150 of the Samsung Taiyo-Yudens from Newegg and 50 of the of RiData RICOHJPNR01 so I hope to find what’s best for both and stick with it.

Of course the Taiyo Yudens work great with VS08 and VS0A at 4x, but there are always spikes over 4PIF when I burn at 6x or 8x. Hopefully I can find something that will let my drive burn them better at higher speeds.

I was the same. VS04 and my 451S just did not get on together. If you don’t plan on using DL, I’d do what code65536 suggested and give GSC2/US0N a go…