VS05 is here.

This firmware is blessed with Instant Bitsetting which you can use with KProbe 2.2.2. This means that you can change the booktype of a +RW disc after it has been burned.

Edit: Unfortunately, the implementation of IBS in KProbe 2.2.2 is incomplete and thus this does not work. However, this has been fixed in version 2.2.3.

Where did u get that firmware? I don’t think it’s official b/c lite-on doesn’t have it on their site.

Won’t be the first time he posted a firmware weeks before LiteOn put it on their website. Like GS0H. The point is that it works and it kicks VS04’s sorry little ass.

if i overclocked my lite-on 812S whould it be similar to USON in burning quality?

Yea, I guess. But there’s only one way to really find out. :wink:

Wow, you only took a few minutes to come to this conclusion. How so???

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Sure does. Take a look at this scan…

Sony Media, 8x burn (force fallback):


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And if you want your LiteOn to burn your G05s decently at 8x, try using a G06 strategy… They jacked up the G05 strat, but at least they got G06’s strat right. :wink:

No problem with -R G04 either…

Liteon media, 4x burn:

You’re absolutely correct (as always) about RITEKG05

Pray tell this little thick donkey how to do a media change with Omnipatcher, or can I only do a media swap with G06 <–> G05

<* Well, the signature is accurate *>

Just double click on the media code in the list box, using OP version 1.3.0 or later…

Looks like VS05 isn’t too fond of TY… Even though this scan is better than most I’ve had with VS04, it doesn’t look like I’ll moving out the 2500 anytime soon… Same source, software, and media.

Regards- :smiley:

Ok I burned two test disk

using nero speed3 create test disk function.

DVD+R mcc002 4x@4x
DVD-R optodiscR004 4x@4x

812@832 VS05

Have you tried the T02 strategy?


You will have to use one the newer versions of OP. Only 1.3.0 and higher supports media strategy replacement. The latest version is 1.3.2, and in 1.3.2, G05@G06 is one of the replacements that is pre-programmed in the “apply recommended tweaks” button.


What the…?

I think you need to ditch your drive and get a replacement because I think that your particular unit is probably defective. A TY burn on VS05 is NOT supposed to look like that. Here’s my TY burn at 8x

Hey codeguys, better charge up your light sabers. The Vader clan will be gettin jealous… :wink:

No I haven’t, I’ll give it a shot tommorrow… :cool:

I’ve been a pretty happy camper with the 2500a. I bought the 832 as a reader/test drive and my main interest in a FW upgrade is that I was having some problems with the 832 reading “non perfect” media. If VS05 resolved that I’d be satisfied. Of course it hasn’t been out there long enough to know yet.

I’ve got some Ritek02, Ricohjpn001, and some CMC here also so I’ll begin my schooling on becoming a “CDFreak” tomorrow!

Regards- :iagree: :iagree:

Althouth it would be interested to try and see, I fear that a strat change to T02 won’t solve this problem… there seems to be something else going on (guesses drive defect) as that doesn’t seem to fit what I’ve seen for TY +R in both my drive and other LiteOn drives that I’ve seen scans for.

Well it seems to me , that since Dhc014 posted this fw that maybe liteon is going post something soon also maybe we for we hack VS05 to peaces we should see if liteon is going to release something newer who knows maybe there is VS08 or 9 or A

In stomps Vader
Not jealous, I really do hope that LiteOn can put out a good firmware that works very well on MOST of their drives.

pchilson, from all of your recent posts it seems that you are out to prove that your 812 is better than a 2500. Where’s the Jedi Avatar? :stuck_out_tongue: