VS03 is out, didn't work on a 812@832

I just tried VS03 firmware on my 812@832.
According to the flashing tool the flash went OK, and asked me to reboot.
But the LED on the drive stayed (flashing)orange, after the flash, before reboot, and after the computer started again.
Damn, I thought. I saved the VS03 to a bin file and then went back to Codes’ firmware.
The drive is fine… But, damn.

Just thought Ya’ll like to know.

That is normal.

You must continue to use codes hacked firmwares if you want 812@832, you will never be able to use the official unmodified firmware versions unless you have a correctly checksummed EEPROM.

Hi OC-Freak,
I kinda figured this later, and was only hopeful…(not).
you said;

… correctly checksummed EEPROM.

What is this? How do I do this? Can I do this? How do I get one?..etc
(I thought I’d ask before someone else did)



I Believe We R Not Allow 2 Discuss Anything About Modifying EEPROM’s.

OK no eeprom discussing :sad:

And Thanks to c0deguys we don´t need too… :cool:

Indeed. If you go to the place where you found the modified VS01 firmware, you will see that a modified VS03 firmware is there, too, at that very same place. :wink:

However… A quote from [post=606585]my post in the VS03 thread[/post]…

once you do get it loaded correctly it burns very well with the lite-on normal pickyness on media :frowning: here is test burn I did with 4.2gb of video data

812s@832s stock VS03 fw


verbatim datalife dvd+r 4x mcc002