VS02 vs VS06?



Having successfully O/C'd to 48125w, VS02, should I go ahead and update to VS06? I think I've seen some less than glowing reports on this firmware, should I stay at VS02?


I prefer VS02, simply becuase it have offered better write quality AND speed for me.


Just for the sake of further confusing the issues, I decided to do a test. I burned 2 identical 700MB CDR’s, both on TY media, (TDK 32x). I burned one with VS02, one with VS06.
Now, to be fair, I thought I should do read tests with both firmwares, so I used CDSpeed and WSES to check each disc with each firmware. The results are hardly scientific, but it appears that each of the firmwares “prefers” to read discs that were burned with the same firmware!! In other words, VS02 sees more errors on the disc burned with VS06, and visa-versa.It also appears that VS02 is a slightly better reading firmware. But, both CDSpeed and WSES agreed on the results. In WSES, VS06 was a markedly worse reader, the difference in CDSpeed was less pronounced, but CDSpeed will slow the drive to read the bad stretches and WSES will not.
I’m sticking with VS02 for now. As for which one is a better writing firmware, I’m not sure based on what I’m seeing, but the C2 error rates were deffinitely lower on BOTH discs when reading with VS02.
BTW, the TY’s are producing C2 errors at 32x pretty consistantly, in the middle part of the test. is it possible that “TDK” TY’s are worse than others?


I do not think TDK TY’s is worse than other TY’s…


I can’t burn TDK’s 24x Taiyo Yuden at 32x either. I get c2 errors with readcd (and an unreadable disc at 40x; funny: ZS0G could write the same media at 40x).

When writing at 24x, results are OK.