VS02 vs VS06

Can anyone summarize the results of these two FW’s for OC’ing the 40125S?
I read OC’s latest article and it seems the both these newer FWs “might” do a better job, “error wise”, than the ZS0J.
I am refering to burns at the rated media speed. i.e., when all the burns were at 32x, the VSxx FW’s seemed to have less unreadable errors. Not by much really, but seemed to.
So, if one wanted to OC, is the VS06 and VS02 really about equal?


The differences seem to be that VS02 has better 40 x write speed than VS06

Quality I think is better on my machine with VS06

They both have similar/same 48x speed…starts at 22x and finishes around 48x+ avg is about 37x
40x write speedon VS06 is 18x to 40x with avg 31x
40x on VS02…sorry I do not remeber…

my suggestions is flash to VS02…try it out and see how it does…then you can use the liteon flash from the website…no more DOS flash and try VS06 and see what works best for you