VS02 or VS06




Reading this forum it looks like there are 2 "camps".....
- People who prefer VS06 because "it's results are better then VS02"
- People who prefer VS02 because "it's results are better then VS06"

All I want is the best :wink:
So which one should I use ?

Normally new releases of the same program/firmware are exactly the same but with solved bugs. So logically thinking VS06 would be a debugged VS04 which would be a debugged VS02......



The only solution is too try both fw and decide for yourself…


Originally posted by nealh
The only solution is too try both fw and decide for yourself…

In same situations one should be better then the other as a fact… at least I think.
Anyone ever/already searched for the FACTUAL differences between VS02 and VS06 ?? What is fixed or added in VS06 ?



I get better write quality with vs02.

VS06: (compared to VS02)

More media supported at 48X, including TDK made media.
40X and lower write speeds starts at 19X instead of 22X writing.
Buffer is now 2048k (was 1984k with vs02)
Uses a bit more time for calibrations = a few seconds longer write time.
The writer is more sensitive to media and drops the writespeed automatically during writing if problems ocurrs.



So this means;
If you go for speed (win some seconds) and empty CDR support… use VS06
If you go for quality of the burned disc… use VS02

Right ???

If so…VS06 ain’t no option for me. I do my best to get the best results, use the best software to get my SVCD’s, spend a hell of a lot time to get the best quality out of a SVCD, buy the best CDR’s (TY), tried and deleted loads of burning software (even Nero ain’t good enough for me for SVCD) spend a lot of time on reading about it. Then winning just 5 seconds by using a non-optimized firmware would be a wrong choice…I think…

Correct me if I’m wrong.

In a nutshell:
Wanna win some seconds —> VS06
Wanna have (slightly) better quality —> VS02

Correct me if I’m wrong !



If you wanna copy the audioprotection Key2Audio:VS02 :stuck_out_tongue:


Actually I think VS02 is slightly faster


All your replies seems pretty clear…VS02 is the firmware to go for. As I’m a common burner and always assumed that a burn on a good-quality CDR is always a good burn…I am convinced :wink:
Mine is running VS02 since 2 minutes.

Now let’s hear why I am stupid to use VS02… ;-)))

and Thanx


I think fw VS02 is fine…I went back to it…though I have to say it seems to produce less “damaged sectors” with Nero CD speed scandisc on my CMC cdrs…these are Philips 40x cdr at burn speed of 48x by smartburn…

I am however skeptical of these scandisc errors…my reason is simple… I can read the same burned cd more than once in same reader a LTD 163 and get errors in different places…not the same spot…or even perfect…also differrent readers give different results…I do not understand it…I realize that some readers are more sensitive to errors…but I still believe if they are real they should be in the same place…

It seems high speed burns are the problem…is a fw problem by readers not being compatable to media or just a poor media…I do not know

I can also state my 24x burns on my 24102B never seem to show errors…well maybe occasionally

I have used a program CD Check if this shows and error while checking the file structure the data is bad…

Do the errors on scandisc mean the data will not last as long or be reliable…no one seems to be able to answer…wish cdmediaworld would teat this on a cdr with a high speed burn 40/48x by their aging process

Most of this is my opinion…am I completely wrong …maybe…probably…who knows