VS02 Firmware

Does anybody know where to get the VS02 Binary Firmware for the Liteon LTR-48125W? I’m having problems with VS08.

By all accounts, VS08 is the best of the lot. What problems are you having?
You can get all F/W HERE

I was having problems reading cds, Liteon made funny noises. Works fine with the VS02.

VS02 has an outdated database of media for SmartBurn to work from, some media will burn differently with VS08.

Of course does the drive make weird noises. That happenes when discs are spinned at more than 10.000 rpm.
That it does not happen with VS02 is pure chance for me.

Alexnoe, you don’t understand the funny noises it was making, very abnormal, I had to trade the drive in for another one.