New liteon 48125w firmware. Works on 40125s, too.


Is this extracted from a retail drive?

I’ve just tried this Vs02 Firmware on my brand new 32125W

Well, it works … well!

Now nero reports 48x max writing speed with or without SmartBurn. Before, with the Vs01, it was 40x with smartburn and 48x without smartburn!

Anyway, writing @48x still doesn’t work with my 24x samsung media :frowning: Write error @ 79 mins :frowning:

Yes, someone ripped it and put it on the web.

VS02.BIN works fine for me too on my overclocked LTR40125S. No need to disable Smart Burn to get 48x with my Silver Circle 32 CD-R’s.
One strange thing that was already with VS01:
Nero CD-Speed shows CAV for my drive instead of P-CAV. What’s wrong here?

In originals my Liteon 40X12X48S was CAV ,now con VS01 it’s P-CAV.
What is the difference?

Vs02.BIN works better than Vs01.BIN on my over clocked 40x. It is still finicky with my CMC 40x rated disks and aborts with an error mostly but works great with Taiyo Yuden and Mitsui 24x even surpassing 48x on Speedtest.

It works well with Nero and Fireburner for now and I hope more software burning programs upgrade to this soon. All in all a great thing with knockum sockum speed. :cool:

OC, could you please add the vs02.bin to your collection? I am the one who started this thread and posted the link. I am afraid this link may not be permanent so it’s best if you could add it at your firmware collection.

I’d want 48X16X48 or 48X24X48 Firmware ;):stuck_out_tongue:

It will not be possible to overclock the current models to get higher rewrite speeds, as the “5” series chipset only supports 12X rewriting.

would it possible if i update that bin into my cyberdrive 32x12x48x?
thnx in advance


It’s for Lite-On only(and those made by Lite-On, memorex, pacific digital, some TDK’s…)

Cyberdrive=cyberdrive manufactured. Uses OAK chipset.