Vs02.bin vs Vs01.bin

Does anyone knows the difference??

I have flashed my 40X burner with Vs01.bin , and it works perfect. Is it worthwhile to upgrade the firmware to Vs02.bin ??

Please advise.:confused:

i have no clue @ all.

i updated my to the vs02.bin but dont see a difference

I never had VS01, straight to VS02 i went. It’s excellent. So atleast i can say the ‘upgrade’ wont be for the worse.

I’ve just updated the firmware to Vs02.bin, and it is good. I can now burn the 24X CDrs at 48X, where Vs01.bin can take them to only 40X. It’s nice.:slight_smile:

Upgraded my Liteon LTR-40125S to VS02 and let me tell yah it’s great, altho didn’t get 48x, my certified 48x princos might not be good enough, or the burner didn’t want to burn em at 48x, but I did get way better speeds then with ZS0A and ZS0G, I got :

21.94X to 39.66X
22-40x P-CAV Avg 35.04x

It’s quite nice

Hi guys just wondering Where can i find this VS02 for upgrade from 40x to 48x burning

In this forum :slight_smile:



vs02: At least 2 more types CD-R discs is supported at 48X: Moser baer india and Ritek ( “J” type).

So far no other changes found.

And I do NOT recommend switching off smartburn as I’ve got several discs with c2 errors and unreadable sectors when smartburn is off.