Vs01/vs02 PCAV/CAV

Just updated to 40/12/48 to VS02 and nerospeed highlights that the drive is CAV. Is this okay, I thought PCAV was better?

Is there any difference between VS01 and VS02?

Please help

Only difference is media compatibility. CAV is better than P-CAV.

Really? VS02 is using CAV?

yes, for 48X writing it’s CAV.

40X and slower writing is done with P-CAV.

Just to get my facts straight! :stuck_out_tongue:

CAV = constant angular velocity => the cd is spinned up to a certain speed and the speed is kept constant untill the burn is finished. The datastream has to increase because the laser is working from the inside to the outside of the cd.

P-CAV => the same as above until the point where the drive switches to p-cav. After this point the rpm of the cd is decreased in order to create a constant data transfer rate.

Is this correct?


That’s correct :wink:

CAV: The drive spins at the same rpm from beginning to end giving an constantly increasing writespeed.

With P-CAV it cuts at a point and keeps the writespeed constant while the rpm is dropping.