VS01 vs. VS02

Would someone please advise on the difference between The liteon 48x “VS01” and “VS02” firmwares and also which would be better for overclocking a 40x 40125S. Thanks.

vs02.bin I think,

I have flashed my 40125W with vs02.bin, no problem

but be careful if you want to use the 48x speed, before you must use very good CD-Rs otherwise your CD-Rs will be unreadable at 48x speed

Vs02.bin is better, it has better compatibility with CDR disks:bigsmile:

I expreimented with it a bit and had the opposite result.
I was unable to burn Princo at 40x with VS02 but it works with VS01 (NO ERRORS). also, Taiyo Yuden 32x media will burn at 48X with VS01 but not VS02. Guess it is just dependant on what brands of media you like. I normally use Princo and Taiyo Yuden, so I guess VS01 is better for me but I never use some of the more common brands (namedly CMC). Just my experience.

I guess that I should be a bit more spesific,

Taiyo Yuden 32x will work fine with VS02 UNTIL you get to the outer minutes of the CD, then you seem to have about a 50/50 chance. So they “work” but they don’t work.

Originally posted by sponger
Vs02.bin is better, it has better compatibility with CDR disks:bigsmile:

hello, with which software has you flasher the bin? :bow:

For My experiment i used MTKFLASH.

I have flashed my 40125S with the VS02 Bin and have used a Generic 32X compatible disk I think its called Laser ( no idea who makes it).

I have even burned Music from CD to CD on the fly or MP3 to CD on the fly @ 48X using Nero and turning the Smart Burn Off and the result is PERFECT !.

I have also Burned GTA3, MOHAA, SOFII uisng Clone On the fly and have had noting but Perfect result.

So far I am pretty happy as everything is working fine.

The VS02 is best of Vs01 in Audio Extration