+ Vs -

Sorry, have searched the forums for an answer to this and did not find anything… What is the best media to use to make copies of DVD movies… DVD-R or DVD+R???


the best media is the media that is working best on your player!!

the best medias for your burner can you check out here

There is no clear cut answer execpt for the one given above me - experiment and you’ll soon find one that suits your drive/player :slight_smile:

  • is the newest, but not necessarily the best, it’s what I use to back up my DVD collection and I’ve had no problems with it. I’ve also used it for Data with no problems. Right now I don’t think the matter is so much + versus - as much as it is cheap quality vs. good quality…

sorry i ment PLAYER!! :stuck_out_tongue:

And for the PC and Mac dvd drives?

Do they support both format?